Objectives of department

1.  To ensure the Municipality’s budget is done timeously ,
2. That the budget is compliant with the National Treasury Regulations,
3. That no expenditure outside the budget is incurred.
4. To promote good financial management,
5. To offer support all the Municipal Departments.

Functions of the department

1. Preparation of the budget within the specified time frames, in a specified format and in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act,
2. Submission of the budget to National Treasury, Provincial Treasury and other relevant stakeholders,
3. Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements,
4. Safeguarding of the Municipality’s Assets, which includes the maintenance of the Asset Register,
5. Preparation of the Monthly reports to National, Provincial, Council and Municipal Departments,
6. Preparations of any other budget reports which includes quarterly, annually, bi-annually reports,
7. To ensure compliance with the Municipal Finance Management Act with reference to Financial Management


November 2019
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